A view on the Green lobby in fisheries from Scotland/the EU

How the Green lobby is perceived by Kathyrn Stack, Senior Political Advisor to Straun Stevenson, Member of the European Parliament and Senior Vice-President of its Fisheries Committee is at http://www.worldfishing.net/news101/Comment/analysis/comment-fisheries-and-the-green-lobby-whats-the-real-catch. From her column:

“The present day environmental fisheries lobby, a once radical fringe movement, has suddenly sunk their claws firmly into mainstream European politics. They show no signs of moving. Once a well-intentioned operation, it has become a confused and misguided witch-hunt, condemning fishing industry leaders and politicians, armed only with ecopropaganda and anti-science policies. Only 58 of the 766 total MEPs are members of the Green grouping. So how and why, are we allowing the Green lobby to dictate our fisheries policy?


The Green lobby survive on employing apocalyptic, scare-mongering tactics. They disseminate hysterical slogans arguing that the world’s seabed will be ruined forever if we do not impose a blanket ban on all deep sea fishing. They panic politicians that overwhelming numbers of their constituents have signed a petition to ban discards. We are made to believe that there is no time for debate and we must act now. Such impassioned strategies mobilise naïve do-gooders and prompt decision-makers into knee-jerk reactions, without debating the potentially catastrophic consequences. These issues certainly do need our immediate attention but we must act sensibly and legislate appropriately.”


I strongly suggest that you follow the link, read her column and consider how the situation as she sees it on the “other side” compares to what’s been going on over here.


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