The Providence Business News gets it right!

John Lee, a reporter for The Providence Business News, tackles the potentially complex and confusing subject of the impact of increasing ocean temps on fisheries and fisheries management. His article starts out “Fishery management traditionally has focused on fishing pressure, the removal of animals from a population with nets, lines and traps, as the only statistic worth using in the regulatory equation. The rationale is simple, at least in theory: If the landings in a fishery drop, it’s assumed that the population has declined.Everything else that might change a fish stock – all the environmental, ecological or climatic variables that are virtually impossible to quantify with any accuracy – have been addressed as statistical constants in fish-population models.But climate change and its rapid effect on fisheries are forcing scientists and policymakers to rethink the traditional management approach. Suddenly, every fixed point in the equation has to be reconsidered as a network of moving parts.” From there he gets into ecosystem based management and the reactions of both managers and fishermen.

The article is at,96247

and for the layperson is well worth reading, covering territory that is never explored by the blame-it-all-on-fishing claque.

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